About us


Fresh Fruit

We aim to provide the freshest fruit for your smoothies and juices. The health benefits our smoothies and juices pack will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Healthy Blends

We don't only provide fruit smoothies an juices. We mix our fruit with vegetables which pack a healthy punch of your 5 a day.

Natural Sugar

We do not add any extra additives to our smoothies or juices. They are 100 percent natural which means only natural sugars here.

Vitamin Packed

From our Antioxidant packed Purple Passion to our Vitamin full Green Force, they all carry very different health benefits from helping to lower blood sugar to mood boosting.

dabo power juice

Only The Best

About- Dabo Smoothies source the best fruit and veg from around Belfast. We do not settle for second grade produce, so why should you. You can be certain we offer the absolute best to our customers, that’s why they keep coming back.

Dabo Smoothies & JuiceĀ  started in the historic St Georges Market Belfast a few years ago. The goal was for us to promote a healthy lifestyle. Dabo Smoothie’s moto is “ Health & Happiness in a Cup” which is exactly what you get. All juice and smoothies are made from 100% fruit , no added sugar or dairy. This makes our smoothies delicious and fruity but also vegan friendly.

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